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How To Cultivate Your Sacred Grove in Path of Exile

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How To Cultivate Your Sacred Grove in Path of Exile

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There are four main sorts of infrastructure: Collectors (harvests your plants and allows you to craft), Dispersers (uses Condensed Lifeforce to grow advanced plants), Storage Tanks (holds more Condensed Lifeforce for later use) and Pylons (used to attach pieces of your infrastructure). Oshabi will offer you some infrastructure freely, but you'll craft more afterward .
There are three sorts of collectors which each correspond to a selected seed type and may only be used with seeds of that type.

When you plant seeds, you'll place them around Collectors. Tier 1 seeds don't have special requirements so as to grow, they'll simply idle one growth cycle whenever you click a seed cache. When your seeds are adult , you'll use these Collectors to trigger the harvest, spawning monsters that has got to be slain so as to collect their Raw Lifeforce.

When the fight is over, you'll use an equivalent Collector to collect that Raw Lifeforce and craft your items. Collectors also can store a limited amount of Condensed Lifeforce for later.

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