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Once the market is unlocked

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Once the market is unlocked

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Only 15 flea marketThe best way to EFT Money access the PMC Once you hit level, you can do many tasks traders. They reward a lot of XP, so you get into the swing of the game sharpish. With cheap guns, killing net good Scavs will experience as much as possible, even if you do not escape the air raids. Identify new projects, explore the map also increases your total so you can check all the items on the trading screen to get a chunk.

Once the market is unlocked, you will have a big wall of unknown items. Over time, you'll see every item, if you encounter something unknown, just right-click and check to make sure you do not waste time in mid-raid backpack to find a brand name before you can open it .

There are many options to narrow down the list for you to track the project. You can also get the idea of ???? what is available in general. Search weapon will list its variants, as well as some accessories specific to that platform. You can open the option barter items, show something, people traded on other things - for example, if you want to  buy a new gun, but using a random scrap instead of www.lolga.com cash.
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