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It Is A Natural Fit. Can It Be A Long Term

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It Is A Natural Fit. Can It Be A Long Term

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Get a Old school rs gold player council up, allow gamers vote for 12 players who have power to decide updates from a financial institution. A little one, few hundred k per year or thereabouts. If you need to use Facebook and Twitter, use them to feed conversation involving the forums. This installment will discourage years such as 2012 occurring , where Jagex refused to seriously listen to players. For example, 90 percent of players love SoF and 80% love EoC, which were just plain dumb things for Jagex to state. Adapt or die, emotive nonsense. Discussing does a better job, but times running out.

The matter with games, as well as all technology, is they are constantly advancing. Think back to when runescape was initially launched 13-ish years ago - consider how technology and gambling as a whole have advanced in the last thirteen decades. Consider how many runescape players (myself included) left for other MMORPGs which use a similar action bar system. Of course I'm speaking of World of Warcraft. Now I am not saying runescape should be like WOW, maybe not at all, but most moos now follow the EOC-style HCI. Why do 99% do so?

Since its proven to work. Without updates like this runescape would perish, not only from a game point of view, but from a business perspective. Jagex in the conclusion of the afternoon is a business that must pay its employees, pay tax and most of all make a gain. If they did not keep runescape on level with competition it would quickly lose out.
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