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I had been playing WoW Classic heavily

Список форумов Asus

I had been playing WoW Classic heavily

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Being at a innovative type guild can be fun. It's entirely what you make of this. The requirement is moment. I used to raid something like monday - . That's probably not that even that extreme of a time commitment in contrast to other guilds, but I literally only might have made this job back when I was in high school and college and had no life and lots of free time. And Gold in WoW Classic that the raiding part. You have to devote all sorts of time aside from the 16 hours each week of simply raiding. Back when I had been playing WoW Classic heavily I probably would play like 40 hours per week and I absolutely loved it. In hindsight I wish I hadn't wasted so much time onto a damn video game, but in the time it was the thing which made me happy. At this point I would not recommend anyone get into a hardcore guild, but I've given up gaming entirely because I repent the time I spent maybe not living my life at a more productive manner.

I was in a naxx 40 clearing I raided every single day on ventrillo voice conversation for 5 hours. Our guild was a merger between a newbie molten core guild and 8 elitist ex hardcore guys, I had been in the newcomer guild raiding 2 days a week. They told us you either raid 7 days a week or we kick. So I remained and within 3 weeks c' thun was clearing and moving onto naxx. We did not need to farm pots or anything but we needed to purchase flasks and the guild compensated for a few baskets, but throughout the AQ40 unlock occasion everyone was expected to put out 12 hour shifts farming the silithus dinosaurs to the war effort.

Nearly all of this is wrong. The raids in vanilla can be cleared in one evening either MC/BWL/Ony or AQ/Naxx. You won't go back to MC/BWL after Naxx is out. Best speed runs for MC are below 20 minutes, BWL beneath 30. It's possible to make at least 50-100g per hourso assuming you don't have any gold already you can farm up your consumables for your week in a matter of 1-2 hours. You compete and can maintain a hardcore raid guild on 6-8 hours every week. ZG has some fantastic stuff so maybe another hour a week there until you have what you need. The planet bosses do not have loot thats worth doing them for and are killed very fast by a mix of people from different guilds usually.

You don't NEED alts to maintain a top guild just like you do on dwell, the meta isn't changing and you do not need to run splits because there's time to gear up involving the raid releases and there is only one difficulty. Being in a casual guild is what will take a huge amount of time. Wiping over and over, learning the fights, attempting to do things without the right consumables that people refuse to get Buy WoW Classic Gold. You may spend 2-3 nights per week progressing or not progressing in a casual guild, while the hardcore guilds will smash right through night 1 and be done with it til reset.
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лучшие онлайн казино

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игровые автоматы 777 скачать бесплатно

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