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>What You Have In Common With Elephants
Posted by nick_niesen on October 26th Bobby Orr Bruins Jersey , 2010

In many parts of India, elephants are used for manual labour; it is a tradition that has been a part of their culture for thousands of years.

Now although they are relatively peaceful animals, elephants are incredibly strong and can be difficult to control, as they can weigh eight thousand pounds or more once fully grown.

To deal with this Brett Ritchie Jersey , handlers developed a method that allows them to ?condition? elephants while they are still young.

This conditioning involves tying a young elephant?s legs to a stake in the ground with a very thick rope, which prevents it from moving more than a few feet.

Whenever the baby elephant attempts to break free, it discovers that the rope is too strong. Although the elephant may attempt several times to escape, over time it eventually gives up and accepts its fate.

As the elephant grows to its full size Rick Nash Jersey , it continues to accept the idea that the rope prevents it from being free, even when the strong rope is replaced with a flimsier version.

With this belief firmly in place, the handlers can restrain a full-sized elephant easily with very small ropes and little supervision.

Now, it is easy to see that elephants and human beings are completely different; however Jake DeBrusk Jersey , this story shows how conditioning can keep an animal clearly superior to humans in strength and size under control.

The reality of this example is that the elephant can walk away at any time, and that it would be pretty difficult for its handlers to stop it if it chose to do so. It is its belief system that tells it walking away is impossible, and so it stays captive for the rest of its life.

No, we are not elephants Charlie McAvoy Jersey , but just like them, many of us create limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world at a young age. We base them on mostly inaccurate information, and it is these beliefs that are the cause of many of our present problems.

Major Use of Latest Camcorders Technology Articles | December 21, 2012
Latest camcorders available in the market come packed with an array of exciting features to meet the advanced photography needs of users. Important role of these devices has been discussed below.

A growing interest in photography has led to the emergence of a wide range of camera equipment to help individuals achieve the best results in their work. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or just enjoy clicking pictures and videos Torey Krug Jersey , the latest camcorders available in the market can help you accomplish favourable results in both the cases.?
You can use camcorders for capturing still images as well as videos. For those who are primarily interested in video capturing and occasionally in still photography, camcorder indeed is an ideal option. But if your major focus is still photography, you can consider buying a digital camera.
?As far as the use of these devices is concerned, these are helping individuals in different fields. Some of the major uses have been listed below:?
Casual useThe device can be used casually for covering a wide range of personal events like birthday parties David Krejci Jersey , child birth, marriages, graduation ceremonies, etc.?
MoviesIn the past Danton Heinen Jersey , camcorders were widely used for producing low budget TV shows. Production crew members with small budget used these devices. But market today is flooded with a wide collection of camcorders equipped with cutting-edge technology and features. These latest devices deliver the best performance for high-budget movies as well. ?
EducationThese days, camcorders are used in education sector also by students for recording video diaries, making short films, developing multi-media projects and various other purposes.?
Property displaysThis is another major area where the device is used on a large scale. Real estate agents make use of latest camcorders for taking videos of properties and display them online to show to potential buyers. ?The process is helpful both for the client and the real estate agent.?
The best part is Jaroslav Halak Jersey , photography via camcorder not only saves your precious time but is also the most flexible and cost-effective method.?
With so many latest camcorders hitting the market, choosing the one of your choice might be very confusing. To help out individuals in this regard, many online shopping portals have come forward with their huge collection of devices packed with cutting-edge features and newest technology. You can go through all these websites, view their products and select the one that suit your requirements and budget properly. Most of the websites come with a price comparison feature to help individuals shop for the product of their choice with ease.?
So Zdeno Chara Jersey , what are you waiting for? Buy the latest camcorder and make your videos look more professional and attractive.? A Locksmith in Renton Locksmith is your friend

Posted On : Nov-11-2011 | seen (128) times | Article Word Count : 391 |

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