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Discover new and classic styles, featuring Converse sneakers

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Discover new and classic styles, featuring Converse sneakers

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Each canvas panel on each shoe offers something different: the left shoe features zebra on the medial side, black/white polka dots on the tongue and classic duck camo on the medial side, while the right shoe opts for a cheetah pattern on the lateral side, inverse white/black polka dots on the tongue and stars on the medial side. Although the uppers are wildly different, there are a few similarities between the clashing shoes: each features a Brain Dead patch on the lateral collar, Converse’s mens converse shoes uk sale iconic star logo on the medial collar, American flag piping on the heel, and printed text on the white midsole. The Brain Dead crew’s original intention when creating the shoes was to baffle the viewer, but the uniquely coalescent end result surprised them, with Ng stating “The weird thing is, because these are classic patterns, it works together in harmony.” The shoes will also be accompanied by a special collection of co-branded bags and apparel.
When it comes to branding, Converse’s circular converse chuck taylor all star uk is one of the most recognizable marks in the world today. The logo usually only appears on the medial collar of the OG shoe, but Converse has now put a new branded spin on the Chuck — calling upon an all-over printed canvas for the most heavily logo-ed Chuck that we’ve seen yet. The shoes employ the Chuck’s original red, white, and blue color scheme, while the upper is completely covered in branded emblems thanks to the printed canvas. For an interesting touch, a few stamped logos are sporadically scattered across the already wild upper for a hidden detail that you’ll likely miss if you so much as blink. The standard Chuck outsole is gone, replaced by a black version with a smaller tread pattern, and an aqua blue Converse logo hit completes the shoe’s wild look.
British designer JW Anderson is a master of reimagining the classic converse all star outlet uk. Having embellished the timeless sneaker with everything from all-over branding to toy-inspired uppers in the past, Anderson’s meaningful touches nod to both his personal history and his rich well of design inspirations. His latest take on the Converse classic? A “Felt” pack, offering a look that’s simultaneously simplified and refined. The shoes offer a deconstructed look and feel — as the soft felt upper touches the foot directly — and arrive in fall-ready colors both sophisticated and whimsical. A tonal Khaki Green pair provides a more elegant look, while two multi-color iterations — a Fluorescent Orange and a combo of pink, blue, and green — offer a much more colorful and playful vibe.
Just like the vast majority of the silhouettes from Virgil Abloh’s culture-shifting “The Ten” collection, his translucent Off-White converse shoes outlet uk is set to receive its sequel. Devoid of any translucency, this new take sports a more traditional canvas-ridden upper done up in white with all of Virgil’s paricular embellishments that have helped make him the the most revered name in the entire sneaker industry. This iteration’s focal point is undoubtedly its thickly-striped black and white midsole unit that while new to his Nike designs, is a mainstay in his self-branded Off-White clothing and footwear. Cone orange details have a bit more of a role in this Chuck as they do in the rest of “The Ten”, as the collection’s signature red zip-tie is replaced by orange to match its vulcanized outsole and converse branding on its soles atop Off-White’s signature arrow emblem.

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